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Welcome to our vibrant English language learning community! Explore our wealth of free, printable ESL lessons crafted around authentic English videos, podcasts, and global news articles. Immerse yourself in real-world language experiences as you enhance your English skills with us.

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Why start an ESL site in 2023?

With over 15 years of teaching experience in diverse environments, our founder brings a wealth of expertise to this community. Having taught in countries such as Vietnam and Korea, they understand the unique challenges and joys that come with learning and teaching English in different cultural contexts.

Through our journey, we've identified a genuine need for an ESL community that embraces authentic resources departing from conventional grammar textbooks and tired discussion prompts. Our mission is clear: to furnish you with a seamless, user-friendly platform accessible to all. Moreover, we're committed to minimizing distractions by limiting advertisements, ensuring that learners and instructors aren't inundated with clickbait spam ads.

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