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Welcome to Talking Points ESL, your dynamic English learning hub designed for educators and students alike. Explore our platform for an array of free ESL lessons crafted from the latest global news and captivating stories. Join us on a journey of language and discovery

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Authentic English articles, podcasts, and videos with their accompanied tailored lessons.

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Reading and listening lessons structured around the lastest news and stories from around the world.

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Apply studied native grammatical structures and vocabulary in its correct context.

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Here is some of our latest feedback from instructors and language learners.
“Just discovered this site, great idea and looking forward to some more lessons being added”
Rich J
“My group classes love these lessons, especially the group activity”
Love ESL
“Some lessons are difficult but they are helping me get used to the English that natives use.”

Here are some of our FQA.

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How much does this site cost to use?

It's absolutely free for both students and educators.

How often will there be new lessons added?

We're a new learning platform committed to cultivating a vibrant English learning community. Expect regular additions of dynamic lessons inspired by the latest global news. Keep an eye out for our weekly updates

Can I print and use lessons in the classroom?

Our platform caters to both students and educators. Feel free to download or print the PDF files and utilize them in whichever way best suits your learning or teaching requirements.

Is listening more important than reading?

Both listening and reading are valuable forms of language input, each playing a crucial role in language acquisition. While many learners may find listening more challenging, it's essential to practice both skills regularly for comprehensive language development.

What is the best way to use these lessons in class?

In our opinion, leveraging the lessons alongside a flipped classroom approach yields the best results. This entails students reading or watching the news story and completing the activities before class, followed by group discussions to delve into their answers.

What proficiency levels can use this site?

We suggest these lessons for learners at the intermediate level and above. The minimum proficiency level recommended to utilize this site is OPIc level IM.